What Is Dinosaur Bone Jewelry? – A Comprehensive Guide

Dinosaur bone jewelry is becoming a popular modern pick in the fashion world. With a fascinating backstory from prehistoric times, they are naturally extraordinary. With more designs added every day, they now capture the attention of more than just dinosaur fans.

If you are equally fascinated, read on to learn all about the history, benefits, and types of dinosaur rings available out there. 

What is a Dinosaur Bone?

A dinosaur bone, also known as a gem bone, is the fossilized remains of a dinosaur. However, fossilized dinosaur bone is not an actual bone. Millions of years of heat, pressure, and mineralization change the chemical composition of bones. 

When we talk about dinosaur bone or fossilized bone in terms of jewelry, the main elements we refer to are the crystalline silicates—the rock-forming minerals that replace the existing bone tissues.

Contrary to popular belief, we rarely find dinosaur bones as part of a bigger skeleton. Most agatized dinosaur bone is a random and usually isolated piece of a dinosaur’s body. In some cases, the bones and dinosaur fossils are broken and dispersed to the extent that their scientific value is minimized. 

These pieces are often unneeded as specimens for research and studying. This is where use in decorative and jewelry pieces comes into play like a dinosaur bone pendant. 

All dinosaur bones are unique to the geological era they fossilized in. The color, texture, and chemical composition of each dinosaur bone varies with the minerals that were present in that era. 

Since each era was at least 50-70 million years long, dinosaur bones from the same era also vary considerably. This is also what makes them so unique and extraordinary as jewelry pieces. No two bones are alike, and the crystalized patterns and textures they form are always one-of-a-kind.

Where is Dinosaur Bone from

Dinosaurs existed for nearly 165 million years. The bones that have survived the decomposition can be from anywhere between 250 million BCE and 66 million BCE. Sometimes the dinosaur bones successfully trace back to a particular species. 

However, this is rare. Fortunately, we are able to estimate their age with the help of carbon dating.

The three main geological eras include the Triassic, Jurassic, and cretaceous periods. These three make up the Mesozoic era— more famously known as the Dinosaur Age. This means one dinosaur bone can be as old as 250 million years old. 

The oldest dinosaur fossil currently known to us dates back to 230 million years. It is one of the rare cases where humans found a complete fossilized structure.

The existence of dinosaur bones is no less than a miracle. Not every prehistoric animal fossilized into an unshakeable structure. 

Most bodies of dinosaurs also decomposed and vanished completely as bacteria, and other life forms ate them away bit by bit. Only a rare subset met the perfect conditions that allow for preservation. This subset survived because it was surrounded by overheated groundwater and diverse minerals. 

As the bones became more porous, the groundwater and minerals forced their way inside. This is what led to the crystalized and mineralized version of dinosaur bones we see today. 

Over the years, thicker layers of sediment covered these bones, which protected them from damage until they were finally discovered.

Pros and Cons of Dinosaur Bone Ring

Dinosaur bones are incredibly rare, as only a tiny fraction of them survive to this day. Even within the already scarce collection of bones, only a few are of the visual quality that is pleasant enough for jewelry use. This makes dinosaur bone rings exceptionally sentimental as they will be truly unique to you and never subject to replication.  Dinosaur bone ring is also becoming a trend because of its sentimental value. 

Besides this, they allow people to add a lot of value, depth, and dimension to their jewelry without spending a fortune. 

Despite being rarer than most precious metals, they are more affordable and easy to get your hands on. This makes them an excellent pick for high-stake events like weddings and engagements, even when the budget is tight.

However, one con is that their designs can be highly uncertain. Because no two bones are alike, getting a dinosaur bone inlay that looks exactly as you envision can be difficult. 

The scarce bones can also limit the color to red, brown, blue, green and a few other colors. You may have to wait some time for the desired colors and variations to come back in stock.

In the end, dinosaur bone rings like dinosaur bone wedding rings are still naturally beautiful and hold a lot of meaning to the right people.

What is Dinosaur Bone jewelry?

Dinosaur bones are becoming increasingly popular in jewelry pieces. When used in jewelry, they create a colorful and randomized appearance. 

As each part of the bone is replaced with minerals such as chlorite, agate, and jasper, they result in distinct, vibrant patterns. Dinosaur jewelry is crafted with careful cutting and polishing, which further enhances the shine.

Usually, the crushed pieces of bone are incorporated as an inlay. This is done to maintain the visual appeal of each design, as an intact bone is prone to breaking. The smaller pieces are carefully locked in with the help of medical-grade resin.

When it comes to colors and patterns, dinosaur jewelry is hard to describe. Every piece of bone is as unique as one’s fingerprint. They can be tan, blue, black, or green, depending on the combination of minerals that were present during fossilization.

Is dinosaur bone legal to use in jewelry? 

Although dinosaur bones are extremely rare and hold a lot of scientific value, they are also legal for private use. There are no restrictions to using dinosaur bones in jewelry and other decorative items, given that one sources them ethically. All dinosaur bones that root from private property are legal for trade.

The bones incorporated in jewelry are usually isolated pieces of bones. A specimen’s bigger parts are never destroyed to extract these bones. 

As long as the bones are not the property of the state, federal land, or other governmental entity, they can be crushed and repurposed however needed.

Types of Dinosaur Bone jewelry

Dinosaur bone jewelry is incredibly diverse. Some are pure dinosaur bones, while others are crushed and mixed with other rare elements. 

Because dinosaur bones are not naturally sparkly, they are often paired with tiny bits of other shiny elements such as sterling silver. This gives it a more speckled and multi-dimensional appearance. 

One stunning example of this is The Fierceness Ring. The ring incorporates brown bones derived from T’-rex’s teeth along with holographic opal meteorite stones. The subtle and bold tungsten allows the inner inlay to be the focal point.

Fierceness dinosaur bone jewelry

There are also cases where people want to opt for dinosaur bone jewelry but don’t want any trade-offs. This is where contrasts and material variation come into play. 

Complementary valuable inlays on the sides can enhance the overall value of dinosaur bone jewelry. These can include precious metals such as gold and platinum or stones such as sapphire. The color variation also introduces a powerful contrast that gives the jewelry more overall depth.

This Evolution Dinosaur Ring is a similarly designed dinosaur bone ring. The golden inlays further accentuate the subtle red and silver bone pieces. The color combination against the hammered tungsten gives it a more speckled look than what is possible with a bone-only design.

Besides these, color contrasts within the bones are rare but also highly sought-after. 

A few dinosaur bone jewelry available on the market incorporate tiny bits from differently colored bones. This gives the jewelry an earthier and more balanced look compared to other options. 

Common contrasts include red and silver and blue and green. Green is an exceedingly rare color in dinosaur bones, yet some are still able to secure it with enough research.

One sterling example of color variation in bones is The Impact Ring with a hammered tungsten base. The ring gives sparkling hues with its tiny blue, black, red, grey, and brown bones. The pieces of bones are purposefully added and distributed to create a balanced and colorful appearance. 

In contrast, some pieces are designed completely with nature in mind. People fascinated by dinosaurs often opt for an all-natural build that lets the dinosaur bones be the focal point. 

In such cases, people prefer jewelry with wood or other earthy elements, such as a whiskey barrel design. The brown hues and linear patterns aren’t too bright and don’t overshadow the subtler bone colors.

To visualize this approach, take a look at the Tribal Chief Zirconium Ring. The ring features a reddish brown exotic hardwood against a black dinosaur bone inlay. It also preserves the raw and natural appearance and shape of the bone. 

Tribal Chief Zirconium Ring

The non-crushed bones are more popular amongst true dinosaur fans, and this ring satisfies all the criteria. The simple build of hardwood allows the bone to sparkle with its bumps and irregularities in its natural form.

How to care for Dinosaur Bone Jewelry 

Dinosaur bone jewelry is naturally resilient and not prone to rust, scratch, or other damage. There is not much you need to do to preserve and maintain it. It’s important to remember that it should not be exposed to harsh and abrasive chemicals. 

However, if you want to clean your ring, make sure to avoid rubbing alcohol as it can damage the bones. The polishing and resin on your ring will protect it from moisture and dirt, so you don’t have to clean it regularly.

You can still clean it with any good quality jewelry cleaner solution. You need to take further precautions if your jewelry also features other sensitive materials. You should avoid getting your ring wet in case the jewelry also includes meteorites.

Final Words

With dinosaur bone rings, you get to own something fancy from prehistoric times. They are a subtle means of showing off your love for dinosaurs, history, and art. 

But when looking to make a well-informed decision, make sure to go with your own sense of style and personality.

If you are here, it means the purchase holds a lot of sentimental value to you. We encourage you to do your own research, explore a lot of designs, and pick only what compliments your style.

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