What is Ring Inlay? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ring inlay is a style of setting that is often considered more art than craft. This process involves cutting intricate patterns from thin, flat pieces of stones or materials to create a beautiful ring design without having to paint it on with traditional techniques.

This guide will explain what ring inlay is, the inlay ring trends, and the styles of ring inlay.

What is Ring Inlay?

An inlay is a type of setting where the stones or other materials are cut flat and put into a hole in the ring. The inlay can be made from valuable stones like opal, pearl, lapis lazuli, and metals like silver and gold.

A ring inlay can take on a variety of forms, some more traditional and some more modern. Rings with a lot of ornamentation are more commonly found in the arts and crafts world, while those that are simple and elegant are usually reserved for those who wish to choose their own style without too much guidance.

The Inlay Ring Trend

Ring inlay has become a popular trend since the late 80’s or early 90’s. As with many trends, several methods, materials, and colors can be used on rings. Here are the most common and popular trends at this time.

The Traditional Inlay Ring Trend

The traditional inlay ring trend is one of the first forms of ring inlay to come about. This trend is best represented by the hollow set of opal and pearl rings in a simple setting. Many people prefer this style because of its traditional look, which is similar to the ones found in jewelry from hundreds of years ago.

The Opalescent Inlay Ring Trend

The opalescent inlay ring trend came about at the same time as traditional inlay. This trend was popularized by using different colored stones or materials to stencil varying patterns. With this process, one can create rings like the pictured ones, which have red, blue, and green hues.

The Matte Inlay Ring Trend

The matte inlay trend is another one that was introduced at the same time as traditional and opalescent styles. This trend was created using stone instead of stone or metal cuts lining the ring. The stones used in this type of setting can range from matte black to shiny white.

Styles of Ring Inlay

Here are some of the most common styles of ring inlay. Please note that there are many more ways to create a ring with this process, but these are the most popular at the moment.

1. Tungsten Inlay Rings

Tungsten inlay rings are created by taking metal tungsten and inlaying it into the ring. This is one of the most popular styles at the moment due to its use of Tungsten being highly durable and scratch resistant. It is also very strong and can hold a huge amount of weight.

This form of inlay is usually created by combining the Tungsten with a colored metal like sterling silver or gold. This is a great way to add a unique style to a ring core without having to use too many colors or materials.

These rings also usually have the highest levels of inlay since the Tungsten is colored and inlaid on top of itself like a sandwich. When this ring style is used, it can be easily seen how popular and unique this style has become.

2. Meteorite Inlay Rings

Meteorite inlay rings are another very popular form of ring inlay that has become more popular over time. This style of ring is created using materials from the ground when a meteorite has fallen.

This process requires the use of a mill that can grind and polish these materials into a usable state and is suitable for relevant ads. It is then combined with a wood inlay ring that has been carved out using a wider variety of materials in varying shapes and designs.

Meteorite rings are also becoming more popular because they are much less expensive than Tungsten rings or custom-made rings, but they are still able to create a unique style very quickly.

3. Dinosaur Bone Inlay Rings

Dinosaur bone inlay rings are a very unusual form of ring inlay. This style is created by using fossilized dinosaur bone. This ring style is created using various carving, etching, and polishing techniques to make these rings unique and interesting.

This may not be the most popular style, but it can create some interesting and unique rings that are usually done in a limited number because they are so expensive. These rings are also very durable and can hold huge weight without breaking.

Dinosaur bone rings are a great way to create a unique and interesting ring style because the materials used are very hard to come by and can be found in only a very limited number of places.

4. Wood Inlay Rings

Wood inlay rings data are another very popular form of ring inlay. This is a more traditional style of ring that is usually made using wooden materials and the carving of wood.

This style of ring size has been around for a very long time, and many different variations can be found when looking through history. Wood has always been considered a very durable material, but these rings can often become brittle with age, so they are also made to look old or antique.

These rings can take on various forms because there are many ways that wood can be carved and shaped. This style of ring has been used for hundreds of years and continues to be very popular due to its high levels of durability without having to use stainless steel or gold as a substitute.

5. Titanium Inlay Rings


Titanium inlay rings are another popular style of ring that is very strong and can hold a large amount of weight. This ring style is created by combining Titanium with various materials, including gold, steel, and ceramic.

This process is done by creating a full titanium ring with the cutout for the inlay. This initial ring is then filled with these materials using either sandblasting or other methods to create an even surface.

These rings are becoming more and more popular due to their high levels of durability and scratch resistance. They also come in a variety of different styles that are created by varying the metals in the ring.


How do you make a metal inlay ring?

The process of making a ring with metal inlay is very simple. First, the ring has to be taken from the mold. Then, a variety of metals can be used, including gold, silver, or Tungsten. This is then combined with a variety of different materials that are used to create the inlay.

How do you inlay a wood ring?

The process of inlaying a wood ring is very different from the other styles of ring inlay. First, the ring must be carved, and the inlaid area must be exposed. This can be done by sandblasting or using different methods depending on the style of the ring.

Final Words

Ring inlay is a process that has been around for hundreds of years. This style is usually found in feminine styles but can also be used to create very masculine rings as well.

Because of the way ring inlay is created, the possibilities are endless, and the style can be changed dramatically based on the design. This guide will help you find a style and design that is right for you.

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